Application: Member-Only Tours

Throughout the summer, Member-Only tours are planned throughout the metro area. These tours are just one afternoon and grouped by area so that you can visit several water gardens without much travel time. A new favorite has been our Night Tours. If you would like to share your garden with fellow members, please complete the form below. Only members can be on the tour, and only members can attend.

Not a member? Why not join now? Email for information and application.

Questions regarding tours can be sent to .tour stop 1

Application: Members-Only Tours

We love water gardens and we would love to visit yours! Thank you for your willingness to join a Members-Only Tour. Tours are currently being planned. Please note if you are interested in being on a Night Tour. Please complete the form below to let us know of your interest. A member of the tour committee may contact you later.

Full name. (Only first name will be used in the tour book.)
Check all that apply.
Describe your water garden include size, location and features that make your garden awesome!