Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City

Annual Picnic at Cave Springs, Sept 6th, 10:45-3:00pm

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Enjoy The Summer!

The annual picnic will be held at Cave Springs on September 6th; the next Member Meeting will be on September 16th.

Be sure to check the Calendar for upcoming members-only tour dates in July and August!


The Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City (WGSGKC) is made up of members from all parts of the KC metro area who are interested in water gardening. Monthly meetings, September - May are open to members and the public. Tours, community service projects, garden shows and plant exchanges are some of the activities scheduled throughout the year. We welcome all interested in water gardening to join us.

News & Information: Summertime

Summertime is tour time! Member meetings will resume in September, but public & member-only tours are scheduled for June, July & August. Check the calendar for dates and enjoy the water gardens of fellow members. Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City

Mission Statement

The Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City (WGSGKC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the construction, preservation, and appreciation of water gardens throughout the Kansas City metro area; that promotes the interest and enjoyment of water gardens and their environment; and its goal is educational by sharing information with our members and the general public while encouraging and supporting other organizations with similar aims.